Nicholas (Nic) Clermont
Coordinator of SHAD Youth Engagement Program

Thoughtfulness and a strong sense of empathy make Nicholas a designer at heart. He thrives in environments where he can use design methodology and his creative side to solve complex issues and gain a deep understanding of problems. Nicholas graduated with a bachelor of engineering and an MBA from Université Laval.


He polished his education by diving in the world of arts and design and has experimented with 3D printing and origami-inspired ceramics. He spent the last 10 years teaching design methodology and helping students and youth lverage their creativity and innovative spirit to make our world a better place. He fits comfortably at the intersection of many disciplines and is a strong advocate for the interconnectivity of arts and science.


Prior to moving to New Brunswick from Quebec City in June of 2016, Nic ran the SHAD Program at Université Laval. He currently runs Artfel Innovations and is the Coordinator of our SHAD Youth Engagement Program to innovatively connect students in New Brunswick High Schools and Middle Schools with the entreprenerial ecosystem.

Nic may be reached:

By telephone: 418-473-3556

By Email: